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Coding sessions started when we were working on a POC for our idea. As we had to learn lot of things from hundreds of different websites, we thought about putting our learnings into one place so it can be helpful to our readers.  Few things which was on our list which we believe any bootstrapped tech startup has to do : 

  • Best and most affordable use of cloud resources
  • Website (which we did with wordpress to start with, just landing page with signup).
  • Free wordpress setup on Google cloud.
  • Google admob integration, Google Ads usage for marketing.
  • Youtube videos.
  • Android app from scratch with MBaaS (Mobile backend as Service) which we used Firestore.
  • Native android vs Flutter vs React-native (we decided on Native Android)
  • Backend in Django REST framework.
  • Bulk upload of data in Firestore.
  • Firestore analytics, crashylitics, cloud messaging integration.
  • SEO learnings.
  • and many more things.

But we found that whenever we came across some technical issues, we had to do lot of search and do trial and error through multiple websites. Certain answers are spread through out StackOverflow and many blogs. 

Coding-sessions is the outcome of all that learning and we are trying to put all learning together in format of series of tutorials where we are not teaching concepts of coding, but we are showing end to end sessions to solve a topic or problem. 

First in this series is simple tutorial for Django REST Framework. Simple tutorial here shows how to bring up REST API with DRF and customize the browsable API for use by  development team or customers. 

Second one is the wordpress site setup using free hosting in Google Cloud platform and using Free SSL certificate.  For low traffic, this is very good option as you will be paying few dollars only for buying the domain. You can use any cloud as most of the clouds has a basic virtual machine instance free. Let us know in comments, we can add tutorial series for other cloud as well.  Again, the whole series gives you one place to do whole thing end to end instead of searching multiple websites. 

We will be uploading youtube videos as well for the same. Next series in the plan is about Android App blueprint. Any new android app, you have to go through multiple design and coding steps which are almost similar for any app and it takes away your lot of time from developing business logic. Instead of going through 20 different tutorials, we will put one series to create an android app blueprint which will explain all the steps for basic app. 

Another topic is Python learning. Python is our favourite language and we use it for many different reasons : backend development, web scraping, bulk upload and analytics. We will put together many tutorials on the same and also provide reviews of the python learning resources which we are using. We are big fan of platform for learning and recommends it for interview preparations.

Currently available series of tutorials are as below. Please share your feedback and suggestions. If you like our efforts, please share and let us know. Thank you for reading. Hope this helps you.