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Google Cloud Platform

If you are on borderline of experimenting blogging or writing or creating your own website or api server for your apps and don’t want to spend lot of money, here’s a way to try your hands on it for free.

Initially, when you are not expecting thousands of users on your site, you can host your wordpress blog on Google cloud for free or host your Django REST API server on Google cloud platform for free.

Google Cloud Platform Free Tier

There are two ways, you can claim your free hosting :
1. For first time users (if you have an gmail account and have never used GCP, you can claim by registering on GCP console), GCP provides 300 USD or 21000 INR free credit for 12 months. One smallest size VM (f1-micro with approx 512 Mb RAM) will cost max 6-7 USD per month. Check more details at
If you are not going to use any other GCP services, you can launch higher end virtual machine also till these 300 usds are over. If you don’t use, it will anyway lapse after 12 months.

2. Apart from initial free credit, Google has many cloud resources which comes under free-tier which means free forever till you respect their limits.

Free Virtual machine forever

In this free-tier, f1-micro which has 512 mb memory is free. Only egress traffic is counted which is also free till 1 GB from North America. Only thing you need to take care is that you can launch this free VM in only in list of supported regions. Check the image for details.

GCP Free-tier : VM size f1-micro is free in compute engine.

Also, for launching wordpress, WordPress image is available in Google Cloud Marketplace, so you can deploy in one-click as explained here, without going through any wordpress installation and configuration yourself.

Check more details for free-tier at

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