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Review of Python courses

Part 2 of 2 in the series Python Learning Resources


If you haven’t heard or tried before, then it’s a must try for learning new skills and specially practicing before applying for job interviews. In this post, we will review few python courses available on which you can use for your online learning. As per March 2020, they claim to have 200k+ learners on their platform which is specific to learning of coding based skills. platform

Before we start the review of python courses by, let’s see how platform is different than other platforms. It has taken slightly different approach than other latest video based learning platforms like Udemy, Coursera, Udacity or even Youtube . They have high quality text based courses with embedded coding environments, so you do not have to go through the hassle of any setup or installations. It’s like interactive books, you read, learn and try right away the exercise given in the slick coding environments right inside your learning page. You can compare with multiple solutions provided with explanation. These explanations are also interactive. Courses and Plans

They have covered almost all coding languages for the course topics and they have the concept of “learning tracks” also which covers multiple courses. We were really impressed by quality and content of all the courses which we have subscribed for. You can buy each course separately or you also have the option of monthly and annual plans which gives unlimited access to all the courses (135+ courses which covers almost all coding languages + DevOps, Cloud, Kubernetes etc.). Python Course reviews

1. Data Structures in Python: An Interview Refresher

This is the screenshot of course as on March 2020, prices may be different when you visit it.

This is a perfect course for interview preparation for Python. It covers all basic data structures and related algorithms as shown below. There are lot of exercises to try out for each data structure. Click here to find more details.

If you have bigger goal in mind, they have the concept of “learning track” also, which comprises of multiple related courses. Below is the “Ace the Python Coding Interview” track screenshot which has 8 courses.

2. Python 101: Interactively learn how to program with Python 3

If you want to learn Python basics, this course is for you. Good thing about this course is that it covers a lot fo things which are really necessary to learn python apart from programming language basics like configuration parsing, logging, standard modules, file handling, csv module, DB, Threading, Subprocess, XML modules and lastly virtualenv which makes your life easy with python. We believe this is a must try course as it covers all things basics about Python.

Note that is not just for python, there are many more advanced tracks and some of them are very popular. It’s “grokking the System Design Interview” course is one such course. Even though you are not preparing for system design interviews, this course gives a lot of insights and ideas on how large scale distributed cloud systems like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter can be designed.

Hope these reviews help you. Let us know what do you think and how did you go about learning Python by adding comment below. We will keep updating this post with reviews of other python resources.

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  1. coder guy coder guy

    Hi I noticed you had a discount applied on educative and was wondering if you would be able to share the discount code 🙂 Great write up btw!

    • admin admin

      Hey, Thanks for commenting. Which particular course you are trying out ? I see that discounts are applied automatically without any coupon codes.

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