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Coding Sessions  is  not about teaching programming concepts.

The main idea behind it is to find end-to-end examples of coding sessions  either in form of posts or videos.  From idea to code to launch, it will try to cover all with working examples.

For example, if you want to learn create an android app which you can launch,  you will need to learn  creating first basic app, fragments, communication between fragments, android architecture model for separation of logic and UI components, layouts, splash screen, icons. You will find all these in separate tutorials with each one in different websites with different examples and then lot of basic things will be buried deep inside stack overflow answers. Even after learning all these, next you will need to go through another series of tutorials to learn setup an API server or save data in Firebase and then how to launch your app in App store.  Coding-sessions is an effort to put all these in one place with one working example in one series of tutorial.

We will try to pick up one big topic and create series of end to end tutorials.  Major topic themes which are being planned are

  1. API backend server with Django REST Framework which will  cover from data modelling to customized documentation.
  2. Firebase : It will cover topics like  why firebase is must for an android app, firebase uploader, using firebase for databse, logging, crash analytics and cloud messaging.
  3. Android app :  From basic activity to full fledge working app with multiple screens and layouts.
  4. GCP : For all backend resources, example of using free GCP Tier.
  5. WordPress :  Free hosting of wordpress in GCP with free SSL Certificate.
  6. and more.

Please suggest your topics in comments below. Most of above each series will contain 4 to 15 posts so it may take time.

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